Kate here.  Started this whole thing 8 years ago.
With all that I am, I believe in authentic, inconvenient, costly belief… I write to facilitate, so please feel welcomed to comment or start a conversation with me at

I love Jesus, but I WANT to love Him more.

I love my family, my beloved best friends, Indianapolis, Common Ground, my life-changing house church, story, and Crushed Melon Jones Soda.

Wired for relationship and desiring to see people find what makes their soul full, I ache to live a passionate, creatively-fulfilled life that reflects a Father I can’t get enough of.

4 Responses

  1. We are the strangest people I’ve ever met……and God LOVES us…….

  2. You are an amazing woman of God who has a capasity to love that I could only dream of having one day. Seriously, I really have learned from you to love with more passion and fullness. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the happenings of the day that I forget to love Josh the way that God has called me to. Thank you for reminding me to love more and love always. You have rebuked me dearly this week. I love you and I am praying for you!


  3. I’m sooooo glad I found this blog!! I love you!!

  4. Kate-
    I am so glad you posted this link! I miss reading your stories, because, quite frankly, they are awesome and inspiring. I am limiting myself to one a day, though, as it seems I could spend quite some time reading through these, and I think I will get more out of it if I focus on one at a time. However, it seems that I read your “Cherry on top” at the perfect time. I have recently been having issues with how to express my love for those around me-you made me realize that I need to stop denying these issues and face them head on. Thank you for helping pull the cloak off my eyes so that I can pray for the strength that I need to fix these things!

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