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Worship & Rescue
September 30, 2013

There were many pranks we took great delight in as youngsters, tricks that make kids oh-so-happy.

Here’s one: take a small scrap of paper and fold a corner of it down, lick the back and stick it to your fancily wallpapered dining room; it will appear as though someone has torn the navy florals and your mom’s face will turn a shade of red that even the bulls in Pamplona are unfamiliar with.

Another Martin favorite was the ol’ wrap a rubber band around the sink sprayer; the victim turns on the faucet for a drink of water and gets an impromptu shower.  (This will backfire when you get a 5am wake up call from a tired, and soaking suit clad dad. Whoops.)

We liked pranks, but we loved illusions…
Seperating our thumbs terrified our tiny toddler brothers, invisible ink always wowed the crowd, and every volunteer marveled when we asked them to step into our kitchen doorway and press the backs of their wrists against the wooden frame.  After a slow count to thirty, we would ask them to step out of the doorway, and their arms would ‘magically’ float up effortlessly.

I thought of this door trick while worshipping not long ago, standing small under looming eaves with my hands in the air.