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Top Hats & Tennis Shoes
August 26, 2013

Have you ever witnessed a toddler throw down a tantrum that’d make Veruca Salt proud?
Screaming at the top of their lungs, squeezing out screeches in between dramatic breathlessness, pounding the floor or restaurant table with their fists?

We all have, and regardless¬†if it’s in a Target aisle or the seat behind us in First Class, it can be irritating.
However, as you watch the parent attempt to deal with their tiny tornado, when their resolve dissolves just so the red-faced mini monster will quiet down, as they hand over the candy bar or toy they’d tried to say ‘No’ to, when they give in to the outburst, have you ever thought “My that child is loved.”?

You haven’t.

You’ve offered a slightly empathetic smile, you’ve glared out of annoyance, you’ve judged whether or not they’ve been paying close enough attention to the Parenting magazines that litter their coffee table, but I would bet an armful of my favorite vintage gold bangles that not once did “My that child is loved.” skip across your thoughts.