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Lovely & Loudly.
June 3, 2013

Spring had just begun to sprout, and I was reclining on a stone patio swirling ice around my glass of spiced tea.
Across from me was the kind of woman you write about… she is gorgeous sans makeup, is raising bright & talented children, dipping in intentionally to her community, she is a musician and a writer and a wife with a laugh like wind chimes and cupboards full of blown glass.

A few years after a fist fight with breast cancer, her pixie cut has grown into shoulder length curls that lay around her neck untamed and thick with victory.

We meet for tea every few months or so and just chat about the real stuff of life.
She’s one of those women whose time you don’t want to waste with empty chatter.

So, I was lighting up to tell her how in love I am, a drastic change from our last chai conversation, and I was pelting her with questions about the books she’s working on and the tiny artists in her brood.

We would pause as the almost-too-chilly early spring winds swirled around us, still enjoying the being outside.
Somewhere hunkered down in our many words about life and love and God and joy and hurts, she tipped back a bit and said “I just love all of the lovely and beautiful things about life. ¬†Sometimes what’s dark and ugly just absolutely knocks me out. ¬†I know the dark and ugly is a part of life, and a part that I have to deal with, but it can just knock me out.”