What I’d Tell You…


I can’t believe that in a few days you are going to leave home.  You are going to cross the country and my heart is going to break from pride and from love.

It’s funny how I always say that you and I are the most similar of the “Martin kids”… but in at least a thousand ways you are so much stronger, so much more faithful, so much more dedicated than I’ve ever been.

Bob was always my buddy, but when Mom and Dad thought they were done with 2 of us… you were the baby we begged for.  Sitting in the hospital room awaiting your arrival, and proclaiming the good news of you on the very first day at a very new school… 3rd grade started off pretty darn amazingly.  You grew to be the hands-down cutest, most animated, most hilarious kid I’ve ever seen.

From teaching your 3rd grade Spanish class, screaming your name at as many baseball, basketball, & soccer games that I could possibly smush into my schedule, to watching you walk across the stage at Faith as class president, valedictorian, and a beloved student & friend… my skin could’ve cracked my heart was bursting so.

I don’t know if I’ve ever really explained the tattoo I have for you…why I’ve deemed you my “soldier”…
Because David, gifts and niceties aside, I consider a “best friend” someone who will fight for me.  And have no doubt that should anyone try to hurt me, you’d jump to be the first to stand in front of me and take on the battle.  You will carry your sister’s broken spirit before the God you love…the God you trust… You blaze with loyalty and courage.  I’ve seen the way you love your family and friends… you love like a fighter. Like a soldier.  You put others before yourself in a way that constantly convicts.

I’m not worried about you.  I’m worried for us… worried what the everyday will look like without you in it.

You will thrive in college…
I am so thankful you chose Torrey and chose to go deeper than anywhere else would’ve pushed you to go.

Just know, you can change your major as many times as you want, you can get pierced or tattooed, you can skip a class or two to go surfing, you’re allowed…

just promise me this though, ok?…

That you will take God seriously.  That you will take community seriously.  That you won’t let His word become homework.  That you will go deep in your friendships.  That you’ll work to pursue Dan as his best friend.  That you will treat women the way you’d want a man to treat me.  That you will find people that don’t love Jesus and dig into their hearts and lives.  That you won’t let the enemy get your focus off of his enemy with the BMW and your good-looks and your amazing mind and your humor and your creativity… that you will guard your talents because they’ve been given to you in order that you would flourish for Him.

Promise me that you’ll call.  That you’ll let me love you and invest in you from thousands of miles away.  Promise me that you’ll share the messy stuff your heart will encounter and the hardships your life will get tangled in so that my prayers will be real.

Promise me you’ll let me fight for you.

My tears are clouding the screen, and none of these words seem to flow, they don’t seem to match my insides.
David, what I’d want you to know as you leave is just this…

You are my beloved.  I  am so proud of you.  There are 5 people in the universe that love you more than themselves, and will never stop believing the best in and for you.
I am constantly amazed that God allows my best friends to share my last name.  Yeah, I think we’re a lot alike… but you’re better.
California is one lucky lady.

All my love always,

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  1. Tears…tears…tears rolling down my face on this–so much that I had to remove my glasses twice while reading it. I can only dream, hope, and pray that someday I can mother a family of siblings that will share a bond like “the Martin kids”. As a parent, I can only imagine how proud & amazed your own parents are of ALL of you & the genuineness of your love for one another. I wish many wonderful blessings on David as he leaps forward into this exciting new phase of adulthood. Life is waiting; just for you.

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