21 Months.

Yesterday was my only day this week that held a few sweet hours just for me.

The mental “to-do” list streaming to almost never-ending, yet I slept till I naturally surfaced… threw my hair up, washed my face with a fresh bar of Dove and threw on a watercolor tee and my favorite distressed jeans.

Addressing, licking, & stamping a dozen letters headed for all over the US of A filled with love and well-wishes, I ran downstairs to search for something to ship a few of Angela’s belongings to her new pad in the Sunshine State.

I found a dilapidated Pottery Barn box and filled it with a toaster and cat treats.

There’s really no cooler feeling than schlepping a haggard package of toast-making and kitty snacks into your closest Post Office.

I laughed awkwardly and tried to explain myself to the postal worker who had no patience for me.  As I got stuck in a wad of priority mail tape brer-rabbit style, she said a hello to an old friend standing a few feet behind me in line.  I gathered from their conversation that the lady behind me had once worked at the post office too.

“How have you been the last ten years Cookie?” “Oh, so good, so very good…just enjoying myself and my time…how much longer for you Andrea?” “Less than two years Cookie, 21 months exactly…only 21 months left to go…only 21 months.”  She said it over and over again as if letting me hear her internal morning chant.  “21 months…stamp, weigh, accept payment…21 months…”  I smiled, handed her my horribly bandaged box, and said goodbye.

I’m sure the blue polyester and the lines of cranky folk made her many years as a government employee less than dreamy, and I’m sure the promise of her pension was the only thing that kept her going until she felt she could reclaim her time, her life…

But Cookie, Andrea, & I ain’t all that different.

I’m moving to Nashville.  Somewhat soon.  When the summer sun is shinin’, I’ll be enjoying it’s rays from the heart of Music City… and as I count down the days until this new adventure, I keep thinking “Kate, just keep your head down, keep your weary heart and worn-out body at bay…you’re almost done…you’re almost there.”  Just like I’ve found myself thousands of times pushing my lonely soul one more day with the silent encouragement of … “Someday when I find him…Someday when I fall in love again…Someday when I get married and dance to Dave Barnes under the stars…Someday when I bring my babies home…Someday when I’m published…Someday when I have more in the bank than I do on the bills…

…then life will start.”

But guess what?  Sunday at lunch, a middle-aged cantankerous server at a nearby diner remembered me from the week before and slipped a note of prayer requests into my hand.  That’s the life I love, and it’s now. My baby brothers, all three of them, worshipped our Lord along with me that morning, letting me hold their hands and hug them tight.  That’s the life I love, and it’s now. I sat till midnight on the phone with a friend as she told me about the baby girl growing in her belly and my heart swole with anticipation and excitement of this new life.  That’s the life I love, and it’s now.

So yes I’m nervous, antsy, excited, overwhelmed, and more than wondrous of the neon signs God’s had blazing towards Nashville; the opportunities I will have to utilize more of my gifts and abilities, the church that I’ll invest in, the friendships I’ll make, the creative outpouring that will wash over in a way I’ve ached for, the way the ribbons will slip off the gift of this new Tennessee chapter that starts in 3 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day…

not that I’m counting.

4 Responses

  1. I had no idea . . .and so glad I did. You are truly talented in so many ways my new friend:o)

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOVE reading your posts! So excited for this new chapter in your life, even though Indiana’s heart is breaking as the seconds tick down until you leave 🙂 Love you

  4. love you, your blog and that the post office lady was named cookie.


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