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Sweet Sunday.
April 12, 2009

Back to the homestead today to celebrate Easter.

I donned pastels, floral prints and pretty pink painted fingers and toes to church this morning, almost willing spring to warm up.

In the church I grew up in, snuggled in a row full of family…(which included CrazyJon and Zach)…worshipping with hands raised and again thinking on the HOPE that permeated the sermon, the morning, and my heart… I smiled to myself.

I thought on the Lord with intent this week, and I can’t say that is always the case.

There are many, many days and moments where my thoughts of Him and on Him are effortless, and sometimes careless.

But this week, I read through the gospels, spent some serious time in prayer, uncomfortably squirmed and sobbed during a viewing of “The Passion” with my beloveds on Wednesday night, sang along to Miss Nordeman, Miss Groves, and Mr. Norman in the mornings and tried to prepare my heart for the sacrifice and celebration that is Easter.

This year Easter seemed to mean more.  Having lost Janet and Katelynn, there is so much more meaning in salvation. The cross. The empty tomb.

That hope isn’t for “someday” anymore, it means everything for today.

After the morning service, arm in arm with my brother Bob and his best buddy Jon, we laughed on our way to Faith’s community center to listen to my father teach his college-age-focused class on World Religions.  As I sat in the second row looking at the fresh faces totally enthralled with my dad’s powerful presence and challenging subject matter, one sweet little face wasn’t looking forward at the teacher, and it caught my eye.

In the front row, two little lovebirds sat close together, two little lovebirds that in fact just got engaged last night!
Teachers pets and smart as a whip, they are two of my Dad’s favorites, I can just tell.  But for a moment, just a quick moment… the bride-to-be stole a glance at the hand that was resting on her betrothed’s back, or more importantly on the ring that was on the hand on her betrothed’s back, and smiled to herself.

Oh the hope that was wrapped up in that smile.
It was even brighter than the sparkling brilliant-cut solitaire that rested on her ring finger.

In one smile you could see the hope of her future…what that diamond symbolized was a husband, a family, and the next 50 years sweetly taken care of.

I hope I smile like that at Easter.
I hope the hope of an empty tomb makes me look as safe and loved and joyful as that fresh fiancee.

After a meal full of sweet potatoes, champagne, and the particular fast-paced whirring of a Martin dialogue, we retired to the parlor to focus our attentions on our “other brother” Jon…
He started a conversation on love… eros, philos and agape…do they ever overlap? Does love ever give up? Does love ever fail?

In the midst of his deep-soul diving Jon explained that he pursues all relationships- romantic, family, and friends with a desire to obtain- a “fighter’s love” he called it.

That same smile I’d seen earlier stretched across my sleepy, champagne-tickled face…
Sweeter than the Cadbury Creme Eggs, the green-sugared Peeps and the Reese’s rabbits… the Truth we celebrate today, on Easter, couldn’t be more aptly explained than that…
Jesus Christ displayed the grandest expression of a fighter’s love that there ever was or ever will be.

You were fought for.
You are loved…
and I hope that makes you smile…I hope that makes you hopeful…

Happy Easter my loves.