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just five.
November 16, 2008


It’s not just recognizing the grand answers to the years-long cries…

and it’s not just stopping to smell the roses…

it’s both.

Because as Dr. Estes is always reminding me…when it comes to God…there is great AND there is good.

In every day there are distinct replies to prayers or echoes & after-effects of replies, and there are quiet and small but lovely moments that just need to be held…

Today was one of those days.

Ushering the morning in with Phil Wickham…Apex…worship…prayer…Truth…spending time with my beloved roomie Janie…running into old friends…lunch at The Greene…a thrill of cold air and Holiday spirit…hands curled around a perfectly frothed hot soy peppermint chai…glitter and sweet scents at Sephora…singing Christmas songs…a warm and needed nap…a romantic movie…Rosie Thomas’s music online to listen to instead of simply my clicking at these keys.

Let’s answer some things together.

In the last five years, can you think of just five ways God has distincly answered you?
For me… hmmm…

1. It’s always come down to the wire, yet God has always provided me with a place to live…and through that I have made some of the best friends a girl could ask for …at The Bentley…at The Lodge…on Soule Drive…and here on South Monroe, and I look so forward to moving to Indianapolois in a few weeks… (even though we don’t have a house yet.)

2.  I have prayed for a church home and I have been exceedingly blessed- with two! Apex Community in Kettering, OH and Common Ground Christian Church in Indy… there isn’t enough breath to say how much those families…those brothers and sisters… what they mean… how they love like Jesus… oh I love you.

3.  A prayer I never even wrapped words around was my longing for a best friend after losing mine… Andrea Beth, you are the best friend I’ve ever known.  You have blessed my life in an exponential way that was beautiful because of Bob and Angelala and Mirn and Zach and Sissy and other family and friends, but is now even more so.

4.  For purpose.  It ain’t been extraordinary, but it has been evident. There were specific moments and prayers and conversations where I felt so valuable because of the God who was revealing the eternal in the everyday…at O’Charley’s…at Curves…at Rosewalk…at Arnett… and the women and men I met there gave my life a mission…a meaning… and they most likely don’t even know it.

5.  And most important…to know Him.
Still getting there… but thank you my Jesus for revealing yourself in my church, my house church and through my beloveds…my prayer will continue to know You for just You.

What are just five smile-causing, heart-cheering, soul-breathing-a-sigh-of-relief moments you’ve had just this last week?

1. Praying with Lauren & Janie till almost 5am.

2. Gifting the Gombis family.

3. Coloring my hair strawberry.

4. The thrill of Christmas shopping for my family… my absolute favorite.

5. A good fifteen minutes of just stretching and breathing after a really hard workout.

Bonus: Eating the world’s most delicious sandwich today at The Cheesecake Factory… the Monte Cristo… all you need to know is that it involved French toast, ham and jam.  I was in heaven.

What are just five utterly ridiculous things that just make you happy?

1. Be-bopping to my iPhone on the walk to my 8am class.

2. When people laugh heartily at my jokes.

3. Facebook photo comments.

4. Scarves.


Watching Extreme Home Makeover tonight…and crying as usual… the response of one of the Haitian boys whose family had just had their lives transformed caught my attention.  He said “If we could find a word that meant more than Thank You, that’s what we would use….”

We hardly take the time or make the effort to be simply aware…simply thankful…simply satisfied…

Why not be extravagantly appreciative?
Take the time…just for you…just for Him…just for five.