Daydream Central.

When I leave for an event- big or small, formal or casual, I always check to make sure I have the following:

*Nars Striptease Lipcolor.
*C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine.
*Kate Spade wallet.
*Mini Catwalk Work It hairspray.
*Awesome 99 cent pop-up hairbrush/mirror combo.
*Gum. Keys. Shades. Etc.

But apparently I have been severely unprepared seeing as how I have recently forgotten to bring my husband along.  Sheesh…what was I thinking?

This last weekend started off with a Friday night mini-reunion of old friends…let me paint a picture for you here… Annie & Todd Beall, Kristin & Pete Dryer, Sara & Jon Waldo, Tiffany & Andrew Belleman, Joe & Katie Zuerner (who is adorably about-ready-to-pop prego), Jamie & Brian Vance with baby Owen, Kelly & Matt Green with baby Emma, and Suzi & Matt Kaufman with baby Eli!  There was wedding rings a-flashin’ and babies a-girglin’ and talking about weddings and babies swirlin’ and then there was…me.

It’s hard enough feeling alone in a crowd where no one knows you…it’s expected, but in a crowd where you know everyone… well, it’s hard.

Somewhere along the line I got mad at God that life hasn’t turned out the way I expected…there’s no degree on the wall (yet)…no sparkling 2 carat teardrop stunner on my left hand…no baby shower invitations being sent out on my next trip to the post office…

Well, this weekend continued on to be an emotional whirlwind as I attempted something I’ve never done before…

On Sunday, I went to a wedding where I knew neither the bride OR the groom! Out of the 35, count ’em, 35 weddings I’ve been to in the last 5 years, this was a first!  I went as the guest of my best friend Angela, who worked with the bride.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, where we met plenty of nice people, but again, I felt like a neon sign that said “SINGLE” was blaring above our heads and that the James-Earl-Jones voice of God was going to announce any minute “Someone please date these girls!”

The thing is, there are some amazing people in my life…Godly, attractive, funny, caring people that aren’t hooked up, hitched or parents yet, and I don’t think any less of them.  So why do I think less of myself? 

We have to quit judging the quality of our lives based on what we don’t have. 

So you’re driving the ’87 Taurus instead of the Range Rover…so what?  So you’re playing gigs at the local coffee house instead of Madison Square Gardens… So your hairline is receding, your vocabulary is too small, your parents are divorced…  The bottom line is, consider what you DO have!

I might not have this degree, but I have a chance to come back and pursue it… I might not have a wedding to plan, but I was saved from an unhealthy relationship that would have been disaster…I might not be wearing the latest from some couture maternity line, but I have the opportunity to pray every day for the kids of mine that might just be waiting in a foreign country for me to come get them…and I can’t wait for that day.

I also want to say thank you to my beloveds…I honestly believe that wherever and whoever this crazy husband of mine is, he has been prayed for more than any man on the planet.  People are constantly lifting the future love of my life…his heart, his ministry, his character, his purity…to the Lord.  It is truly a gift to have someone listen to your daydreams and desires and relish them with you, and encourage you to stay patient and prayerful.  No one does that for me better than my parents, Bob, Andrea & Angela. 

There is a gift in listening.  Next time you are with a dear friend, listen to them…dream with them…pray with them.  It might be the balm to their spirit that they’ve been longing for, it might be an encounter that knits you two closer together, it might be the only time that day where they haven’t felt alone.

3 Responses

  1. Hey Kate!! Loved your post….just found your blog on facebook 🙂 How’s your first semester back at Cedarville? It was great seeing you out there!! (seems like I see you more in OH than I do in Lafayette.)

  2. YOU are enough. Just you. The partner that you pray for will probably be the last thing you might expect. ( Teacher, blind date,engaged quick, together 25 years….)Ring any bells.He already loves you, he just hasn’t found you yet.And Mama i been badder….LOL
    I MISS you

  3. LOVE Daydream Central and LOVE you!

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