Today I went to work out and after an AWESOME hour of sweating (and trying to keep my habit of dancing whilst on the treadmill to a minimum) when I went outside…it was perfect.

Just past golden hour, approaching dusk…the sweetest, lightest breeze…and all I could do was thank God.

I’ve been reading “The Shack”…if you haven’t yet, I completely recommend it.  You might not agree with everything…I don’t, but what I needed was a beautiful reminder that God is Love.

I stood there in my mismatched gym clothes and no eyeliner and just thanked God. 

I have been missing home SO MUCH the last couple days. My family, my house church, my girls at work, my beloved best friends…

And what do you know?

At 11pm, my dear roomie Lauren walked in and said quite loudly “KATE MARTIN! Do you have your own fan club?!”  And she handed me SIX envelopes!!!

My heart darn near spilled over.

THANK YOU Melody G (who sent TWO cards! And stickers!), Jamie B, Abbi E, Steph S, and my bffffff Andrea TiGiggles!

The best feeling in the whole world is feeling like someone loves you- so my sincerest thank you to five special someones.


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