A few years ago I was visiting my dear friend Laura and noticed a lovely painting on the wall.  She proudly announced that she and her husband Chris had painted it together.  She blissfully recounted receiving an entire art set, complete with about a bajillion colors of paint from her dear hubby, and informed me that “in love, there is nothing greater than being known.”

Today the same sentiment was presented by Dr. Couser in reference to why we should work hard to understand our God and His word.  Interpreting the Bible is a way of knowing Him whom we love.

I think that might be a part of this whole “Ohio Experience”…the catch 22, the double-edged sword…

I am not known.  And if I am, it is for being a person I’d like to forget. I’d like to be known for the me now. Or better yet… the Jesus in me.

In the last few days, I’ve kept my eyes down, my pace quick and my lips sealed as I walk around this beautiful campus.  Today my neck almost snapped as I jerked my head up quickly when I heard someone call my name.  An old pal was here visiting his girlfriend and wanted to say hello.  I was so excited that someone simply knew my name.

I fight against loneliness.  I brave the waters of vulnerability because I long to be loved and to be understood.  Nothing can shake your sense of self and sense of value quite like not being pursued…studied…enjoyed.

How about you?  Are you fighting the battle of being alone? Empty heart, empty calendar, empty bed?

I am used to filling my life with so much relational noise that I miss out on the sometimes beauty that can come from being lonely.  Because when the idol of people aren’t filling my every moment, there is time to focus on my GOD.  Lest I forget…He is far more worthy of my pursuit than anything or anyone else. 

Dating someone or befriending someone who talks only about themselves or “is the president of their own fan club” gets old real fast.  Let’s not do that to God.  Let’s not do that to others.

He is worth being known.  The people around us, deserve to be known.  How special it is to give someone a word of encouragement or a gift that is spefically tailored to them.

The highlight of my week was getting an e-mail today that informed me there were FLOWERS waiting for me at the student post office.  I immediately thought “Oh mom.  What a cutie.”

But when I picked them up, I was stunned! The flowers were from one of my oldest and dearest friends- Mel “Rhonda” Cassidy.  A simple sentence of perfect encouragement was written on the card and the flowers were absolutely beautiful.  And better yet? There wasn’t a single red rose or stem of baby’s breath in the bunch.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, it’s cause you just don’t know me.

 Thanks Rhonda. I love you.

2 Responses

  1. I want to get to know you.

  2. Thanks Kate for the encouragement in this. Our pastor actually just gave an awesome sermon on Pslam 46:10 (a go to of mine) ….be still and KNOW that I am GOD. It is so incredibly hard to do this. I am really working on it this week, and you are too:)! Moving here and becoming a stay at home mom has left me with a lot of “alone” time and I am finally getting the message about what to do with it! You are a peach! Have an amazing day in old Ceaderville.

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